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Mackinaw Harvest is Grand Rapids’ foremost professional audio production facility, complete with two recording studios, two live rooms for drum recording, ProTools HD digital recording platforms, multiple classic condenser microphones and preamps, and a staff of the most experienced producers and engineers in West Michigan. 



We can mix your record here at Mackinaw Harvest or we can connect you with several other revered mix engineers around the country.  We're happy to help you find the right match for your record.



We offer affordable mastering services to give your final mixes the extra polish they need to sound like a national - level finished product.



Want to record at a different location?  No problem!  We have a top of the line mobile rig and can travel anywhere to record your project.  Check out this set up at a cabin in Northern Michigan, or this one on the Jordan River, or this one at a BnB in Northern Ontario Canada



Need a producer?  Studio owner and Berklee College of Music grad, Michael Crittenden is an award - winning producer with over 100 full-length record production credits under his belt.  Producing music is a true passion for Michael. For more on Michael and his experience, CLICK HERE.  Contact him at 616.901.5982 or send him a note at to discuss your project.



Looking to learn how to produce and record just like the pros? Maybe you're not sure if you want to invest big bucks in a college-level program.  At Mackinaw Harvest, we offer short-term intensive recording classes several times a year.  For all the details, visit our Recording School page here


Are you coming to Mackinaw Harvest from out of town/state/country?  While you are working on your project, we can arrange for on-site housing for up to 5 people.  It's way cheaper than hotels or even AirBnB.  Contact Michael for more info at 616.901.5982



Need a jingle or voice over for your commercial?  Or maybe you'd like to license a piece of music for your branding? 

Visit our sister company, 

The Creative Cabin, at

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