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What are people saying about Mackinaw Harvest?

"I HIGHLY recommend Mackinaw Harvest Music. We recorded our last EP there and it is one of our best recordings (if not THE best) to date. Michael Crittenden really gets it. We've worked with many producers and he not only understood our sound, but he was SO enjoyable to work with. The studio itself is a little slice of heaven. Though you're pretty close to downtown Grand Rapids, it feels like you're on vacation at a quiet cabin. Everything about our experience from planning to recording to editing to the final product was amazing. Mackinaw Harvest is the real deal."

-Gretchen DeVault - The Icicles, Los Angeles, CA

"There's something special about Mackinaw Harvest Studios. Maybe it's the warm, northern Michigan décor. Maybe it's the lingering inspiration of artists who've come before -- a collective metaphysical signature. Maybe it's the welcoming vibe of owner, Michael “Colonel” Crittenden. Probably it's everything, working together to imbue the space with an indescribable creative energy".

"Wherever the magic comes from, Mackinaw Harvest is the place to be if you're serious about making music and I love recording here. This is where songs find their voice and artists find a home away from home -- a studio where the outside world disappears and music inhabits every corner. We're incredibly lucky to have such a studio right here in Michigan".

Ed Dupas - Ann Arbor, MI

“Working at Mackinaw Harvest Studios in Grand Rapids was a perfect blend of convenience and professionalism. Michael’s studio is super comfortable and well laid out.  

As an Producer and Engineer, Michael has a great ear and is easy to bounce ideas with.  We really enjoyed our time there and would totally record there again.” 

Sav Buist - The Accidentals, Traverse City , MI

"What can I say about my experience with Michael Crittenden? He is a multi-talented, multi-instrumentalist with a great ear. Whether in the role of producer, writer, arranger, or the everyday role of running a business he has integrity. He has great respect for art whether his own or his clients. Every time I work with Michael Crittenden I learn from him."

 - Drew Nelson - Red House Recording Artist

- Grand Rapids, MI

“I had so much fun recording at Mackinaw Harvest with Michael Crittenden! I did two songs, and he helped me tweak the lyrics to work out better, gave suggestions on the chord progressions and the singing of the songs, and played whatever instrument he thought would improve the sound. My songs turned out sounding so professional, like something you would hear on the radio. I would recommend Mackinaw Harvest for all of your recording needs.” 

- Aubrey Clarke - Grand Rapids, MI

"This studio is very comfortable and homey. Michael is a magician at the board and an outstanding advisor and producer regarding arrangements and even song structure. If you have a recording project, this is the place."

-Charlie Walmsley - Mt. Pleasant, MI

Mackinaw Harvest and its President and Producer, Michael Crittenden, are committed to communication through music, highest quality production and working for the betterment of our community.  I can give no higher recommendation for their service.

-Susan Heartwell - Executive Director,

Grand Rapids Student Advancement Foundation  

“Excellent studio and Producer!

Mackinaw Harvest Music Owner and Producer Michael Crittenden sought to understand what was important to me in my music project and accommodated me in every way. He went the distance. Literally. He loaded up his quality mobile recording studio and travelled 9 hrs to my little town in Northwestern Ontario so that I could record within the comfort of my home, in a setting that inspires me. He has fantastic vision and is an extremely talented multi-instrumentalist. He easily and innovatively helped me overcome my challenges and created a secure and relaxing atmosphere for me to record my songs. I highly recommend Michael Crittenden and his Mackinaw Harvest Music studio for your next CD project.”

-Bonnie Couchie - Pic River, ONT CA

"I have worked with Michael Crittenden of Mackinaw Harvest Music Group on several important community projects over many years now. He is a brilliant musician. Perhaps more importantly, as a producer of both veteran and new artists, he openly shares his talents and is truly a mentor within the music industry. And, different from others in the music field, his acumen isn't limited to the instruments he's mastered or even the engineering board - although that would be a lot: add to all of it his saavy as a marketer and businessman and you end up with someone with immense diversity and who cares deeply about those he collaborates with."

--Phil Biggs-NeXovation, Nashville TN

“I’ve known Michael for over 30 years. He is a true professional as a musician, recording engineer and teacher. Our band has recorded at his studio and we appreciated his knowledge and guidance. My son is a young musician and when Michael offered the Mackinaw Harvest Recording Class, I knew I wanted my son to take it. He learned how to record a song from start to finish with a true professional producer and really enjoyed the experience. I highly recommend the recording class and Michael in general!

-Jim Braun- The Moonrays

Grand Rapids, Michigan

"Incredible service, the ultimate in vibe, and a cornucopia of tone... hands down, Mackinaw Harvest is Grand Rapids' best recording room."

--Mikael Naramore, Producer/President -Terrestrial Records, Portland, OR

"Recording at Mackinaw Harvest was a revolutionary step for our band. Working with Michael, we created an album that was better than anything we could have hoped for, but we also improved our songwriting, musicianship, and tightness as a band. Michael truly wants to help good bands succeed, and he truly knows how to make it happen -- even after the album is completed. From day one, there has been no doubt in my mind that Mackinaw Harvest was the right studio to choose."

--Zach Guy - Simien the Whale- Grand Rapids, MI

"If a musical artist wants a producer who sees the big picture, then Michael Crittenden should be the hands-down choice. If anyone is familiar with Troll for Trout, Michael's music, or anything he's produced they will know well the focus, heart, and soul that accompanies anything on which he puts his fingerprint. Michael is patient, comprehensive, thoughtful, and musically gifted. None of my records would have come to fruition without this man."

---Josh Rose- Grand Rapids, MI

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